Please give us a partial refund for classes

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I understand COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is a serious health concern and school closing/going online is a preventative measure against any risks, which is completely essential and necessary. However, we are not receiving the full curriculum we have paid to receive. In class experience is a major part of our learning and as art students, it is one of the reasons why we've chosen to go to an art school--to go to SVA. I can only speak for the Fine Arts department when I say this but, senior work is especially being affected; we even have to revise project plans and may have to give up on doing exhibitions for certain workshops entirely. I'm sure all the departments are also facing similar issues. But the virus is not only hindering school life, it is also affecting many businesses/workplaces and people are struggling with finances. Therefore, for the students' sake and for our family's sake we ask for a partial refund.