Demand the Resignation of SAIC's Martin Berger After Use of the N-Word

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The SAIC community received an email at the end of May that began, “The systemic racism that corrupts American life is anathema to our community of artists, designers, and scholars.” We as students of SAIC agree and that is why we are demanding Martin Berger's Resignation.

We are demanding Martin Berger's resignation because of his use of the n-word in a 2018 lecture. At the time he was introducing himself as the new Dean of Faculty. Since then he has been promoted to Provost by a committee he was a part of.  FNews did a great article on the event, the schools inadequate response, and the impact Berger's use of the n-word had on our community. '“I felt disappointed, overlooked, and not considered,” one black SAIC employee told F. “I would say black people felt that as a whole.” Another employee told F that the process seemed rushed. After an insufficient apology, this promotion felt like an extra blow. “I don’t think that anyone who looks like us was at the [search committee] table.”' Berger continues to use, and defend his use of, the n-word. In the spirit of justice we believe the provost position should be filled by a BIPOC.

If SAIC believes systematic racism is anathema to our community than we must be constantly engaged in destroying that system. SAIC should listen to its Black students and alumni who are currently speaking out and follow their suggestions.

Later in the May email President Tenny wrote, "A number of you have shared with me your feelings of anger and despair throughout this tragic week, wondering what to do. I share your frustration. Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy answer." This is what SAIC can do to right the wrongs of racial injustice within our community.