Make it mandatory for all school girls to join self defence classes.

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Self-defense is a practice of making yourself not only physically strong but as well as mentally too. It's a practice wherein an individual goes through a very long process of understanding each term of self-defense and able to apply at the right time. The reason for the main focus on schoolgirls is to make them go through this process of practice at earlier stages of their life and securing their future against experiencing unwanted situations.  

As I mentioned above, it's an assurance that they will be molding themselves not just physically but mentally too. They will learn how to increase confidence, strengthening focus or concentration, internal peace, etc.      

The need of such practice is a major concern because of increased violation against women. This particular topic is directed mainly towards parents/guardians, principles, delegates of schools. With their initiative and support, it is possible to save a girl-child or a woman from going through unwanted situations.