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2. Distribute equal funding across the school PTOs, equal funding for all elementary students no matter where they are located in Arlington, or the income level of the families that are served by those schools.  
3. Require courses at every APS level that explain to students the legacy of slavery, the Black American Experience and Black Achievement (from spaces to the White House), Latin Americans, Asian Americans, history of Indigenous peoples, discrimination, ableism, classism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and their ongoing impact on the lives of all of us today. Such courses will teach techniques to address racism, empathic communication, and insights that help in overcoming racism.
4. Measure and report out to the community discipline data at all the schools, including the elementary school level, not just limited to suspensions but incorporating all student discipline including students that participate in collaborative problem-solving initiatives.
5. Provide yearly dedicated listening sessions for parents of kids of color.
6. Develop a specialized mentor program for lower income students and students of color.
7. Develop a specialized internship program for lower income students and students of color.
8. Update APS District-wide goals with a commitment to have 3/10 staff represent people of color, of which 1/10 are African American, by 2024.
9. Hire an APS Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, which is the standard in surrounding towns. 
10. Fund an APS employee Retention Program, developed with and for teachers of color.
11. Offer bi-annual, outside-facilitated listening & sharing sessions for teachers and staff of color.
12. Mandate annual bias and/or cultural competency training for all APS administrators, teachers and staff, school committee members, and STUDENTS.
13. Increasing family salary levels to qualify as economically disadvantaged, in order to qualify for waivers, etc.
14. Develop preventative programs for students of color to mitigate the need for suspensions and detentions
15. Develop an affordable housing program for highly desired APS teachers.
16. Track and report how many students of color transfer out of APS each year.
17. Develop a feedback and incident portal that allows parents to anonymously report microaggressions and racially biased interactions and have them documented (incident reports based on bullying model). Surrounding communities like Cambridge have a model for this.
18. Create a subcommittee on Arlington’s school committee to deal with disparity gaps as well as diversity and inclusion issues.
19. Transform the fence on the outside of Arlington High School into an Art Installation/Mural. It would be a place where residents of Arlington could come together and recognize the power of the movement. We are also asking for a banner stating ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ to be hung outside of the Robbins Library.
20. Replace Arlington’s racially derogatory Native American mascot.