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An objection to the Archbishop Ryan junior dance and senior prom dress code

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To the Administration of Archbishop Ryan Catholic High School,

We, the juniors and seniors of Archbishop Ryan sign this petition to voice our strong objection to the female dress code for the junior dance and the senior prom. It is our firm belief that the regulations placed on the female students are degrading, arbitrary and unfair.

The overzealous application of the dress code makes it extremely difficult to find any dress that meets the strict criteria. The dress code does not account for things like different body types. What might be deemed appropriate for one student may be deemed inappropriate for another over something the student has absolutely no control over. In today’s society, a woman’s body is constantly discriminated against and hypersexualized to the point where they can no longer wear the clothing that they feel comfortable in without the accusation and/or assumption that they are being provocative. The fact that the dress must be sent into an almost all male group is degrading and makes many young women uncomfortable.

As a catholic institution Ryan imposes this unjust, discriminatory, dress code as a means to uphold “moral standards”. The administration is reminded however that the holy catholic church does not have an official dress code. Parishioners are free to worship God in whatever garments they see fit. In one of the most sacred sacraments in the catholic church- Holy Matrimony; brides routinely wear gowns that would be deemed inappropriate by the administration of Archbishop Ryan. If the church and holy ordained ministers are not offended by these dresses during a solemn sacrament in the house of God, why should they be forbidden to be worn in a dance hall?

The dress code is a financial hardship to many of the students who planned to borrow a dress rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new one, since many dresses worn to prior dances are now deemed inappropriate.

The dress code is sexist, and the harsh restriction and application are completely unnecessary. Regretfully, this dress code is not accepted by the undersigned students.

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