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An Open Letter to the Scarsdale School Board:No Rebates for Shared Services or Mergers at the Expense of Scarsdale School Quality

Dear Scarsdale School Board Members,

When we vote on the Scarsdale school budget in May 2015, we do not want to see a budget structured to comply with the New York State ‘tax freeze’ legislation. A Scarsdale education would be destroyed by the  $4.5 million in shared services, mergers and cooperation agreements required over three years under a government ‘efficiency plan’ in this legislation.  Instead, we want a budget that will position Scarsdale to remain both fiscally and educationally independent and strong for the years to come.  

A tax rebate check from the State sounds appealing, but not at the expense of Scarsdale's high quality schools.  And we hope the Board is committed to educating the public that pursuing the lure of the State's "tax freeze" incentive to stay under an arbitrary tax cap plus seek shared services and/or mergers will likely lead to compromised educational quality and reduced home values. The State has no evidence that "efficiencies" will result and provides no funding for the expensive feasibility studies that would be required to show actual cost-savings from shared services and/or district mergers.  Moreover, it is clear from the language of the legislation that the State has no interest in how ‘efficiency plans’ might affect school quality.

Thank you for protecting the excellent quality of our schools and for preserving Scarsdale’s recognized leadership in education.



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