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All consumers who have been scammed by “” – currently redirected to “” – please sign our petition and share with others involved.” (recently rebranded to “”) is probably a British scam service due to traceable connections to so called “Official iPhone Unlock” – which is a suspicious company as well (see user’s reviews on Trustpilot) – and with the prices originally shown in GBP.  First appointed site's source code also contains hidden telephone number which is same for both companies and begins with UK country code (+44 0843 289 4084). The site itself is registered on Bahamas (verifiable on and does not provide any owner/operator data nor contact address. Email communication is covered by SendGrid platform (US) and is not traceable. The website operates with many certificates which cannot be verified.

Although the website states it was created in 2011, the domain was registered in 2014 and its present form was created (according to the Internet archive, a nonprofit digital library) in 2015. Interestingly, the site first referred to Trustpilot, where it later turned out to be a scam, and went to TrustReview, where paid reviews are currently still predominant.

It was using PayPal online payments system until 2016, followed by DalPay Gateway Services until 2017 and since then uses Nochex Payment Processing (a UK service with a poor rating) that does not offers money refund in this case.

WOT (Web of trust), an online reputation and Internet safety service, rates this site as not reliable with poor reputation.

Usual consumer’s complaints says about:

– hidden charges,

– shady refund policy,

– long-lasting processing without any result,

– non-functional customer service,

– marking the phone as unclean (see below).

Main issue:

This “company” claims your iPhone as unclean, although the mayor blacklist sites proofs the opposite. Based on this untruth the “company” refers to its Refund Policy to cover the deception – so it does not have to return the money. They offer refund which you should be able to use with their “Premium Service”. This additional service is expensive and without clear results. Indeed, if the user would be informed about all the hidden charges and inoperative service he would refuse the use of so called “Premium Service” as well as whole “service” itself.


Primarily we would like to ask “” server to deactivate “” account – evidently the scammers are paying out fake users to post a good review, which is currently commonplace on the Internet. All other review sites overflows with bad and warning messages. This could be a great help for the newcomers who are confused by the 5 stars rating shining on the scammers’ homepage.

The next steps are worth considering. First, we need to trace the operator and server owner. Also, we would like to contact Nochex Payment Processing to consider whether they want to continue supporting this evident fraud website – as described above, they would not be the first to end their cooperation with this “service”. Google and other search engines will receive this petition at their corresponding scam departments.

As soon as we get enough signatures we will take further steps.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas or other troubles connected to this doubtful “service”.