Continue SCAD education and teaching in Hong Kong

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On the 13th of March, we received an email informing us that the SCAD Hong Kong location would be closed after the Spring 2020 quarter. This is the first time this information was communicated to us; there was no prior indication, discussion or warning that this would be the case, or that this was even a decision that SCAD itself was considering. We are greatly disappointed with the lack of communication between SCAD and us students, especially in regards to a decision that is life-changing and requires careful thought and planning.

For the past 10 years, SCAD HK has served as the center stage of Hong Kong and Asia’s world-class destination for education in creative arts. The Hong Kong location provides unique opportunities that the other campuses simply cannot accomplish, being a city with an amazing history that has truly integrated with different cultures. Here, students have become a closer community than the Savannah or Atlanta campuses can ever dream to become.

It would be highly difficult and costly for Hong Kong students to relocate, especially on such short notice, and many of us are only able to study here because of Hong Kong government loans, funding and the scholarships offered by SCAD. We chose to come here because we believed SCAD would be able to provide us with a way to fulfill our dreams, but without the existence of the Hong Kong location, many dreams have now been crushed and careers ended before they have even begun.

We will highly appreciate and thankful for SCAD to reconsideration their operation in Hong Kong and would like a comprehensive plan for all SCAD HK current students and employed staff & faculty members.