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Virginia has no parole. 

Children of the incarcerated in Virginia have shown incredible resilience in the face of great challenges, going to school, cooking their own meals, maintaining relationships with their incarcerated parent, and hoping for a brighter day in the face of a brutal 1995 political decision that eliminated any hope of parole in Virginia. 

It is a fact that there is no parole in Virginia, and the only people who benefit are those who have their paws in a billion-dollar cookie jar.  Larger than Education and Transportation, the Corrections budget is a handout to a state-run industry in Virginia.

With the introduction of SB796, which calls for those inside our prisons to be able to earn earlier release through the completion of educational and drug treatment programs, we have an opportunity to bring common sense back to Virginia.   

SB796 will support common sense criminal justice policy, while making sure that those who are returning to our communities from prison have a better chance of being successful and contributing as taxpayers.  

In the coming days a small handful of committee members will vote to see if the bill will move forward.  They need a little more of a push, we need your voice if we are going to end thousand of years of incarceration in Virginia.  Learn more about this campaign.


Letter to
State Senator Emmett Hanger
State Senator Ralph Smith
State Senator Jeffrey McWaters
and 11 others
State Senator Ralph Northam
State Senator John Miller
State Senator Jill Vogel
State Senator Richard Stuart
State Senator George Barker
State Senator Linda Puller
State Senator Ryan McDougle
State Senator Mark Herring
State Senator Adam Ebbin
State Senator Frank Wagner
Virginia State Senate
I call on you to support SB796.

As the Commonwealth continues to pay more and more to incarcerate nonviolent offenders, many of
whom need treatment rather than punishment, we are asking for your support to reduce the prison
population through SB796.

I believe that Virginia communities thrive when critical decisions about safety and respect are brought back to the community. That transforming the relationship between our communities and how our governments respond to crime is key to the health and safety of our citizens, communities, and state.

SB796 is a step in the right direction. Please vote to move SB796 forward.

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