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SB 648 California E-Cigarette Usage Ban: Stop the California E-cigarette Usage Ban (SB 648)


SB 648 would impose the same laws for those who vape e-cigarettes to the same laws that people who smoke are subjected to. This would cause the people who use the e-cigarettes to susceptible to second hand smoke. E-cigarettes give off a vapor that is not harmful to those around them. E-cigarettes also do not contain the thousands carcinogens that cigarettes contain. E-cigarettes are a safe alternative for those people who want to quit smoking. Putting a ban on e-cigarettes takes away a safe option for those wanting to quit. Futhermore, making people who use e-cigarettes to have to "vape" with smokers takes away the incentive to stop smoking due to the fact that they will be subjected to the same laws as smokers and also second-hand smoke.

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