Say Sorry Byjus For Anti-Hindu Propaganda!

Say Sorry Byjus For Anti-Hindu Propaganda!

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Byjus founder Byju Raveendran has made US$ Billions from India's proud patriotic parents wanting educational clarity and truth for their children.

However, for years the Byjus website credited Islamic mathematicians, rather than the original Hindu  geniuses of Bharat, for explanations of negative numbers.


"The arithmetical operations and rules for negative numbers which helped to solve mathematical problems were developed by Islamic mathematicians."  Feb 2016-July 2020

NO! You've hidden India's Hindu heritage!

Brahmagupta documented the laws of negatives along with zero and positive number and Islamic mathematicians had no idea! (Watch the video below.)

Also, the lessons Byju Raveendran sells to unsuspecting Indian parents are filled with bad British falsehoods and lies built on Greek foundations missing 0 and 1 as numbers!

So, Byjus merely recycles the same bad British maths that India's children fear and fail. It's why India ranked 2nd last in maths out of 74 countries.

India needs India's original zero-based Bharatiya maths as created by the HINDU geniuses Āryabhaṭa, Bhāskara and Brahmagupta, NOT the bad British maths and Muslim biased narrative currently making Byju Raveendran rich beyond the dreams of crores of India's children.

A 36-minute documentary (link below) reveals how Islamic mathematicians actually dropped the ball when it came to transmitting Bharat's zero-based maths to the West!

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Jonathan J. Crabtree
Elementary Maths Historian