Say no to Vernon ‘scary’ new murals

Say no to Vernon ‘scary’ new murals

June 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sharmay Taylor


Thank you for signing my petition asking the city of Vernon council to reconsider the murals.

The pro-mural petition is gaining a lot of signatures. They have now organized a letter writing campaign to the councillors to give the other councillors the idea that just as many like them as are against them. It's working! Unless the city gets a flood of anti letters, I don't think they'll change their minds.

Will you please write a letter and send it to the mayor and council before Thursday morning?


Behind the mask has been approved by city of Vernon council members. 

The murals are both costly and unattractive. They are frightening to me so I can imagine they would be scary for young children. The art isn’t even completed by local artists. 

I am asking you to sign this petition so the public and citizens of Vernon can have their say on whether or not we want these awful murals on buildings in our city  

My petition:

We the citizens of Vernon ask you to involve the public in the decision to display the “Behind the Mask” murals by Katie Green on our public buildings.  There has been neither consultation nor even a chance for the public to comment on the murals.  We we not asking for a referendum, but only that you use the same consultation process you have used in the past over large construction projects. The citizens of Vernon deserve a voice in changes like this in our city.



The proposed installation would see the photographs blown up to mural size and put up in three different city-owned locations: three pieces at the downtown parkade; one at the washroom building in Civic Memorial Park; and one at the downtown public washroom on Coldstream Avenue.

The Vernon Public Art Gallery (VPAG) is also requesting funding of up to $33,000 to install the pieces, with $20,982 of that coming from the Arts and Culture Reserve and the remainder from the prior year’s Uncommitted Unexpected Budget Reserve.

Additionally, the gallery is requesting the city approve the installation of a mural at the Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services, one at the Vernon Community Arts Centre, two installations at Bosman Accounting, one at Upper Room Mission and another at Turning Points Collaborative Society.

Those installations requires council approval under the City of Vernon Sign Bylaw, and will only be set up if agreements are made between VPAG and the afore mentioned property owners.


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Signatures: 4,175Next Goal: 5,000
Support now