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WHO is Veolia?


Veolia is a transnational corporation operating in water management, waste management, transport and energy services which holds and bids for large and long-term contracts with local authorities in the UK and across the world.  They are currently bidding for North London Waste Authority 30 year waste processing contract worth billions of pounds.


WHY say no?


Veolia and its subsidiary companies are working in the Occupied Territories of Palestine on infrastructure projects such as the Jerusalem Light Railway and waste collection and dumping for illegal settlements and in so doing are complicit in Israel’s crimes under universal international law, the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions 1897 and 1907, illegal settlements in Palestine are contrary to no less than six UN Security Council Resolutions.  In addition the bus routes 109 and 110 run on apartheid roads and serve only illegal settlements, run by Veolia's subsidiary Connex.

Israel is subject to dozens of further resolutions at the U.N. on other serious human rights matters which it ignores.  We don't want the North London Waste Authority to spend our taxes with a company that is complicit in grave breaches of international law which destroy the lives of others and put our own fundamental rights at risk by undermining universal rights! 

Following intensive campaigns by human rights activists, Veolia has been losing contracts with a growing number of local authorities in UK and abroad.  Several councils have already resolved to exclude Veolia from future contracts.  We now call upon the North London Waste Authority to exclude Veolia from the final bidding for the £4.7 billion North London waste management contract and exclude them from future bids. 





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Letter to
North London Waste Authority
We want you to exclude Veolia Environmental Services from this massive and long term local authority bid to process our waste.

Veolia is a transnational corporation which through its subsidiaries conducts work for illegal Israeli settlements including transport and waste services in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Six UN resolutions and UK politicians including Middle East minister Alistair Burt, and the Foreign Office have condemned Israel's illegal settlements. UN resolution 465 specifically urges states not to support illegal settlements. Modification of occupied territory is illegal under the fourth Geneva Convention of which the UK is a high contracting party.

Veolia bids for UK local authority contracts and in doing so encourages UK local authorities to work with a company that supports Israel's illegal settlement activity. We believe awarding contracts to Veolia amounts to a neglect of the UK government and you as its agents in duty to respect UN resolutions and the Geneva Conventions. You not only make us complicit in war crimes but risk the future of international law for us all.

We urge you to prevent this company from being awarded local authority contracts.

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