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Say No To The Killing of Feral Animals

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Utah Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, wants to change the state’s animal cruelty law to make it legal to shoot and kill feral animals. This would include not only pigeons and doves, but also feral cats and stray dogs.

Shooting is singled out as an acceptable method in his bill, but Oda said other means that would be allowed include using a bow and arrow, clubbing or decapitating some animals. According to Oda, no-kill methods, such as relocation or catch, neuter and release, are less efficient and more expensive.

The bill specifically allows "the humane shooting or killing of an animal if the person doing the shooting or killing has a reasonable belief that the animal is a feral animal." It does not specify that only law enforcement or peace officers are allowed to kill the animals. Instead, any member of the public may kill an animal they believe to be feral, be it a true feral cat or simply a family pet who likes to prowl outside. And how is it humane or acceptable to shoot, club or decapitate any animal, let alone a cat or dog?

Add your voice and just say no to this amendment to the Animal Cruelty Act.

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