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Say NO to the bill that will be the death of thousands upon thousands of innocent Pit Bulls!!

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Senator Sue Wilson Beffort wants to pass a law that will label all Pit Bull mixes as dangerous animals. The only Pit Bulls who will not be considered vicious are those who are purebred dogs who are registered with the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club. This means that ALL pit bulls who enter into shelters will be considered dangerous animals (like they need any more difficulty surviving in shelters), as well as ALL current Pit Bulls who are pets who are not purebred and registered with the AKC or the UKC.

Sen. Beffort will also require that owners of these "dangerous animals" take out insurance policies on each Pit Bull they own, with a minimum of $100,000 liability. Owners must also muzzle their pet(s) when outside. Moreover, a violation of this law can result in the pet being confiscated and the owner being fined or even receiving a felony.

This is absolutely outrageous!! If this bill were to pass, it would be extremely detrimental to the breed's already misunderstood reputation -- as well as being the death sentence to thousands upon thousands of dogs. Many Pit Bull owners will end up turning in their beloved pets simply because they cannot afford the insurance policy in today's devastating economy. Some will turn in their pets because they have a family and cannot chance the fines or potential felony. Shelters do their best but are already overwhelmed with the amount of animals that enter every day -- there is no possible way that they will be able to handle the amount of dogs that will enter if this bill were to pass. Pit bulls who don't have families and are in shelters already have a hard enough time avoiding the e-list every morning...

This bill will be the reason for the EXECUTION of THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of innocent loving dogs -- many who are currently beloved family pets with homes.

This bill is being proposed first in Santa Fe...we CANNOT allow this to be passed or even "tried out." If passed, it will be the seed that spreads across the United States and exterminates endless amounts of family pets as well as the other innocent dogs currently in shelters. It will be just the beginning.

So PLEASE sign my petition against this repulsive bill... Sign if you own a Pit Bull, for their sake, or if you are an animal lover, dog lover, or just a decent person who understands that there are no bad breeds, just bad owners. Please help to stand up for those who do not have a voice and who cannot defend themselves. And lastly, please leave a comment so that we can have more of an impact (if nothing else, please just write your pet's name in the "Why you're signing" box -- a dedication to your beloved pet is an incredible reason to sign this petition!!)

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this and hopefully sign this petition. There is strength in numbers...PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!! =)

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