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Say NO to Rockville Becoming A Sanctuary City

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Say NO to Rockville Becoming A Sanctuary City

ROCKVILLE Does NOT Need to Break the Law to be Inclusive:
      • Rockville is an inclusive and diverse city! That is a good thing.
      • One-third of Rockville’s residents were born outside of the US and       many come here for great schools and job opportunities.
      • Rockville’s goal to be a model city must be based on the foundation of law.
ROCKVILLE Does NOT Need to Adopt a So-Called Sanctuary City Policy:
      • A sanctuary city policy for Rockville is a bad solution for a non-existent problem.
      • Rockville already has many diverse programs that support all members of the community including the foreign-born community.
      • Rockville already has strict laws in place against hate crimes; therefore, there is no need to pass new policies intended to prevent discrimination and/or hate crimes.
      • No policy can prevent every single isolated act of prejudice or hate.
      • The declaration is too polarizing. There’s no need to divide our foreign-born community.
ROCKVILLE Should NOT Give Undocumented Immigrants A False Sense of Security:
      • Adopting a so-called sanctuary city policy will do NOTHING to prevent immigration agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, from taking action against undocumented immigrants in Rockville.
      • Local Rockville officials will NOT be able to stop undocumented immigrants from being deported.
SANCTUARY City Policies will Degrade Local Services and Cost Taxpayers:
      • The influx of undocumented immigrants who might flock here based on a sanctuary city policy for Rockville if adopted will drive up local expenditures for our schools, local health programs, and other support services citizens and legal immigrants depend on.
      • The heaviest burden when undocumented immigrants compete for local services falls on the underprivileged in Rockville. Let that NOT happen.
ROCKVILLE Should NOT Compromise Public Safety by Employing Sanctuary City Policies:
      • Sanctuary cities are magnets for previously deported aliens, gangs, drug traffickers, and other alien criminals who increase the crime rate.
      • Do not jeopardize citizens and legal immigrants by allowing dangerous illegal immigrants to shelter in Rockville.
SANCTUARY City Breeds Disrespect for the Rule of Law: 
      • Laws protect our freedom, which is the true value of this great nation!Most immigrants come to the US legally and patiently wait for months or years for citizenship.
      • Allowing some immigrants to NOT abide by the entry, employment, health and processing law/regulations is entirely unfair to those immigrants who have followed US immigration laws.

We, the undersigned, strongly urge the City of Rockville Mayor and Council to STOP any further consideration of Sanctuary City policies. Uphold the law and keep our citizens safe!

Due to the local nature of this petition, please only sign if you are a City of Rockville resident or stakeholder.

This petition will be delivered to the Rockville Mayor and Council.



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