Say NO to Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol!

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Say NO to Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol!

I didn't ask any public representative to implement minimum unit pricing of alcohol.  Did you?

I DON'T want minimum unit pricing of alcohol in Ireland.  Do you?

The proposed bill is anti-democratic.  The Irish Government does NOT have a mandate to enact this legislation.

Section 10 of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015, if enacted, will:

  • Interfere with the free market.
  • Burden the Irish taxpayer with higher prices for alcoholic beverages.
  • Make everybody pay for the problems of the few.
  • Brand everybody as a problem drinker.
  • Disrespect Irish citizens' ability to make their own decisions.
  • Benefit the vested interests (as usual), e.g. publicans and the big name breweries.
  • Provide virtue-signalling opportunities for the political elite.
  • Not make any difference to the fate of problem drinkers.

REMOVE Section 10 from the Bill!

Good luck with the booze curtain, Leo!

See details of the Bill here: