Vote Against HB 583/SB 1464 Anti-Transgender "Bathroom Bills"

Vote Against HB 583/SB 1464 Anti-Transgender "Bathroom Bills"

February 6, 2015
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Florida State House and
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Started by Eli Mender

This bill failed to advance through the Florida legislature. Thank you to everyone for their advocacy and letting their representatives know that this sort of bill in unacceptable. Please keep fighting for the rights of transgender people!

Florida Representative Frank Artiles wants to make using the restroom a crime! Artiles filed a state bill that, if passed, will make many transgender people using the restroom and other sex-segregated facilities guilty of a misdemeanor. Sign this petition to let Florida legislative members know that you do not support this bill and that they should vote against it.

The bill HB 583 - Single-Sex Public Facilities (full text here) proposes to "secure privacy and safety for all individuals using single-sex public facilities" by creating a law that disallows many transgender people to use single-sex facilities (restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and similar). This not only puts the already vulnerable population of transgender people in even more danger, but perpetuates myths that transgender people are sexual predators. Please sign this petition if you truly want ALL individuals to feel safe while using the restroom. Using the restroom is a not a crime!

Bill Status
Advanced by Civil Justice Subcommittee on March 17 (second of three subcommittees it needs to move through before going to full House)
Next step: Judiciary Committee
This bill was never scheduled to be seen by the Judiciary Committee before the end of the session and the companion senate bill was never heard in its first committee. Therefore, this bill never made it to be voted on by the House.

Petition Details
Petition Started: February 7
Original Goal: 500 signatures (reached Feb 8)
Current Goal: 5000 signatures (reached Mar 19)
Declared Victory: April 27


This petition made change with 6,177 supporters!

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