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Say NO to Disposable Plastic Straws

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There’s some waste that’s hard to completely eliminate... then there’s some waste that DOESN’T need to exist and SHOULD be completely done away with. Single-use plastic straws are a perfect example of a wasteful, highly environmentally damaging, day-to-day product that wreaks havoc on our oceans & wildlife while serving NO necessary purpose.

By the numbers, it’s been estimated that upwards of 500 million single-use plastic straws are thrown away in the United States alone EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s enough straws to reach New York City from Los Angeles… 22 times per day. From a weight perspective that’s roughly 650 H3 Hummers worth of straw waste per day (and you thought Hummers were bad).  As you can imagine a large portion of these straws end up outdoors and in the ocean where they are inhaled or eaten by wildlife such as fish, birds, and Sea Turtles. The result is a slow and painful death by asphyxiation and digestive complications for millions upon millions of innocent animals. All because we need a plastic straw with our cucumber mojito.

The Pledge:
A petition is only as strong as the people involved. Hopefully, we can reach our goal of 50,000 signatures to raise awareness - so please be sure to share it! But what this petition is really about is awareness.

By signing this petition you are taking the pledge to and help raise awareness for:

Saying “No plastic straw please” at restaurants, at the bar, at the coffee shop, at home, at your kids birthday party.

By raising awareness, restaurants are already starting to go move away from defaulting to plastic straws. We are even starting to see a dialog at the governmental level to curb the use of disposable plastic straws. So, let’s keep up the fight!

Can't Go Without Straws? You Don’t Have Too!
If you can’t go without using straws that’s not a problem at all! You can join the masses who have switched to reusable straws. There are a bunch great reusable straw options available. You can find reusable straws made from a variety materials ranging from stainless steel to silicone straws. Just do a quick search on Google or Amazon, there are tons of available options that don’t have a negative affect on wildlife or the environment.

If you’re looking for further inspiration to stop with the disposables, there are a number of organizations and communities dedicated to ending single-use plastic straws. Get some motivation from these resources as you make the transition away from single-use plastics:

You can also find facebook communities and Instagram accounts dedicated to reminding you to not use plastic straws. This is something that a small change by all of us can result in a huge difference!

Please share with others on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere so we can raise awareness to an issue that we as consumers can actually fix just by making a small change in our choices!

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