Say NO to Danila Dilba in our residential neighbourhood!!! (Woodroffe)

Say NO to Danila Dilba in our residential neighbourhood!!! (Woodroffe)

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Why this petition matters

Started by Samantha Baker

Danila Dilba have applied for a grant of crown land at 24 Baldwin Drive Woodroffe (next to Woodroffe shops) to build a huge health clinic also offering ancillary services such as abuse and drug and alcohol counselling etc. 

This is small side street in a quiet residential area. A clinic of this size will have significant and far reaching, negative impacts for surrounding residents. We propose it would be better placed in the Palmerston CBD. 

This health service is an indigenous only service. As such less than 15% of Woodroffe residents would benefit from or be able to utilise this service if it is built in our community. 

It’s proposed it will service over 5000 indigenous people and growing., that’s a lot of people coming and going continually in a quiet residential area. 

Considerations and concerns are -

The current Danila Dilba service in Palmerston already has a significant amount of police call outs to it and the surrounding area for various issues. 

The increase in vehicle and foot traffic.

Reduction of green space in our suburb.

Increase in noise that will affect surrounding residents. 

Increase in itinerants loitering in the area.

Increase in crime and break ins in the area, domestic abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse in and around the area. 

Increase littering and defecation in the area and childrens playground. 

Increased Anti-social behaviours.

It will negatively impact house valuations in the area.



302 have signed. Let’s get to 500!