Say NO to Camp Grayling Expansion

Say NO to Camp Grayling Expansion

July 14, 2022
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DNR Director Shannon Lott
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Why this petition matters

Started by Caryn Marsh

This petition is to stop the expansion of Camp Grayling which already consists of 147,000 acres of Northern Michigan Forrest. The proposal would DOUBLE the size of the largest training facility in the nation, impacting hundreds more miles of pristine Michigan forests, rivers, and lakes.

The current camp damages nearby structures and poisons the land with forever chemicals. PFAS pollution is currently under review at Camp Grayling due to local water-wells being contaminated. If hunters take deer in the area, they are not able to consume the meat as the animals are contaminated.  Michigan holds 20% of the worlds fresh water. We cannot afford to destroy it, but here we are, watching it happen in real time. We are happy to host the largest military training in the country we do not wish for an increase. Use your voice let's make sure the DNR is aware that WE THE CITIZENS of this area do NOT want this expansion.  

PFAS Poisoning from Camp Grayling

Camp Grayling bombs fall in Oscoda County

DNR Expansion Proposal

Airspace Expansion Northern Michigan

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“Camp Grayling has 148,000 acres of state-owned training space which provides fully integrated joint all-domain training making it the premiere National Guard training venue in the nation.” — COL Scott Meyers

Why do they need more?

“Camp Grayling has 482 miles of training trails, ranges, lakes, rivers and an impact area that can sustain up to 500-pound bombs.” —COL Scott Meyers

These 500-pound bombs can be felt for over 20 MILES disturbing structures and wildlife. Think of your dog and fireworks x1000




Support now
Signatures: 9,960Next Goal: 10,000
Support now