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"Say no to C.I.T.E.S lifting the ban on Rhino horn trade"

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(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) or CITES are going to meet goverment environmentalists and wildlife experts to talk on having the trade in Rhino horn lifted.

The Rhino are in grave danger on the ground in South Africa and it's bordering countries of being wiped off the face of the earth meaning (extinction).

Rhino kills for 2011 hit a staggering 500+ kills and for 2012 so far the amount poached is just over 100+. At 2-3 a day the Rhino can not populate fast enough.

The Rhino and other endangered animals that China and Vietnam use for (T.C.M) Traditional Chinese Medicine are now in even more grave danger "SHOULD" C.I.T.E.S lift the ban that was imposed in the 1970's.

The next meeting is due in March 2013 and a proposal needs to be made six months before then. South Africa, being the owner of 80% of Africa’s rhinos, is the obvious choice to make the proposal.

Should the proposal be met then this will end the Rhino forever and other South African endangered species. If you can not control the illegal poaching then the ban
should not even be thought of.

SANParks has asked the Department of Environmental Affairs to put the proposal to the next meeting, and the SADC Rhino Management Group has asked for the same action.

The department has also asked for two studies, as a result of a ministerial rhino summit held in October 2010. Eustace suspects that these studies are a delaying tactic because the Department of Environmental Affairs is scared to put a controversial proposal to Cites that will be opposed by the donor agencies and their followers.

Poachers and hunters are trying to actively engage animal lovers on social media to sway them in to thinking this is the correct way to save the Rhino, but it is not.

Should the ban be lifted then the Rhino will spend it's life of misery on farms just to then have it's horn cut of to fund the Asian market mainly China and Vietnam the top 2 major Rhino killing countries.

We have already seen Asia preparing farms in South Africa that they could be using to prepare for this. To use an animal like this is exploitation and animal abuse. There is no proof at all in Rhino horn being used as medicine and has been proven time again by governmental scientists and wildlife experts.

Should C.I.T.E.S allow the ruling to go ahead then it is sending out the wrong message to the Asian community that Rhino horn is in fact ok to use for medicine.

The ban should it be lifted in March would only cause more problems in the long run for the Rhino and other endangerd species. The black market will will still obtain the horn and sell it by far cheaper therefore moving trade away in the horn from the farmed Rhino should this ever happen.

A cow used to produce milk or beef for humans greed is no different to a Rhino having it's horn cut of for human greed too. This is animal exploitation and we must not allow this to go ahead.

The European Union can place much pressure on C.I.T.E.S to never have the ban lifted. Please when signing place a comment ordering the European Union and C.I.T.E.S to never allow the trade in Rhino horn or other endangered animal parts to be lifted. Your voice here is more than actions alone.


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