No bloodbath, Zanjeer zani scenes in Bollywood films... Remove them from Satyamev jayate

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Okay, so here's something that has been bothering me since last night. I happened to watch the trailer of John Abraham's upcoming Independence Day release film called Satyamev Jayate. There's this song called Tajdaar E Haram which shows John, being the patriotic fighting evil social elements, doing Tatbir / Zanjeer zani and Aag ka ma'am while butchering the rascals to death.. I don't know the purpose behind this scene, whether its about a hero overcoming the villains that's symbolic to Imam Hussain's ( a.s) immortal uprising or because films like Raees and PK glorified all the bloodshed in certain scenes so it's mandatory to show half naked men drenched in blood whipping their backs while standing on a bloodied ground.. I really don't know what it is BUT as a Shia, it does make me feel humiliated to realise that every non Muslim will associate my identity to all the 'Khoon kharaba' while the fact is that the Jafaria School of Islam, ie Shiism, is a profoundly knowledgeable sect that holds fast to the Word of Allah and Prophet Muhammad 's (s. A. W. S) progeny.. It is NOT what it's made out to be! Please, all this false glorification needs to be stopped, right here right now!!

I don't have an iota of hatred against John Abraham and others associated with the film but as a Shia Muslim of a secular nation like India, I demand that Bollywood - in all its might- does not play with our image as we're the mourners of a man who was martyred while he chose to be slain in his quest for the eradication of oppression in his time and for ages to come.. Imam Hussain a. S didn't ask his believers to indulge in self flagellation..Bollywood, you're a strong medium across all countries, I urge you to  please please stop maligning us for God's sake!