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Say No to BC Deer Killings!

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 Shame on Oak Bay for killing 11 deer this March. They appeared to be more concern with finding a way to kill innocent wildlife without public detection than resolving any human and wildlife conflicts.
Oak Bay golfers who want to kill the deer should learn from Comox golfers who have no conflicts with the deer there.
You can take action by Boycotting Oak Bay that is near Victoria, BC. ;


Say No to BC Deer Bounty and Killings!


There are four  BC cities currently planning massive deer slaughters. They are Oak Bay, Elkford, Kimberley, and Central Saanich.


Oak Bay


This November, Oak Bay said they plan to kill 25 deer. Residents had complained about deer eating their precious tulips among other  conflicts that can be resolved by non lethal methods.




This BC town claim on their web site that they are living in harmony with nature. They use this to promote tourism.  However, they now want to kill an undisclosed number of deer.


Elkford Deer Kill Permit Revoked


The contractor, who have done other “culls”, started killing deer on Jan 6th in Elkford, BC. He immediately violated the permit by killing 10 deer in the daytime. A kill was witnessed by adults and a child. Due to numerous complains, on January 7th the BC government advised Lifeforce that they suspended the permit for a period of 1 week to allow the Conservation Officer Service to investigate.


On Jan 10th Fernie Conservation Officer, Frank DeBoon, told Lifeforce that the permit was revoked due to noncompliance and it will be determined by the Wildlife Branch if they will go ahead with reissuing the permit over the next few days.


“The Conservation Officer Services should be commended for acting swiftly and responsibly. The BC Wildlife regulations are there to make sure that all government requirements are adhered to. Those who wantonly violate their permit conditions should be fined and disallowed any future permits,” stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder and Director “Lifeforce will continue to urge the BC Minister Steve Thomson to permanently cancel the permit, to not issue any further permits to this contractor, and to fine those responsible for violations under the BC Wildlife Act.


Lifeforce will also continue to discuss humane, nonlethal methods to government officials and politicians. We have offered our services to implement methods developed by Lifeforce and others.


Contact the Minister Steve Thomson ><>;


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They plan to kill 30 deer. They say they want to have the government permit hazing deer with dogs. Well they will so no need to kill:


Update: December 11, 2013


Great News! Deer Hazing with Dogs to be  Permitted!


Presently there is no provision within the BC Wildlife Act, or its attendant Permit Regulations that allows for the hazing of deer with dogs. There was a temporary permit issued to Kimberley  in May 2013, the trail proved that hazing can successfully remove deer from town areas.


In February 2013 Lifeforce was advised that staff is working on amendments to the regulation. Once supported by an order in Council it could go into effect in the 2013/14 fiscal year.


On December 11th Lifeforce was advised that as a regulation change to the Permit Regulation it is an identified priority regulation change by Order in Council.


Therefore the killing of deer must not proceed due to this and many other nonlethal solutions. In addition, it has been proven that “culls” have not resolved issues.  Lifeforce has also proposed to local and provincial governments our hazing solutions without dogs that would not need any permitting.


Central Saanich


Veggie farmers and politicians in Central Saanich are trying to change various levels of law to kill deer who are being attracted to crops. This could include a bounty on deer, increased kill limits, sharp shooters, and First Nations hunters.


Most people would not make the connection that buying organic fruits and veggies could result in deer being killed. Some Vancouver Island organic growers want this massive slaughter. Some won’t even fence their crop lands and won’t implement other nonlethal controls.


Jack Mar, a farmer and former mayor in Central Saanich, claimed that he can’t afford $2-3000 for fencing that would keep deer out permanently as compared to shooting the deer that would be costly and ongoing. Fencing to stop attracting deer to the food should be part of the cost of doing business. Instead some want to kill all the deer for eating some veggies? This is further wildlife mismanagement!


Are farmers threatening everyone with this bloodbath to get government funding? They risk an international boycott of Victoria, BC with this Wild West “bounty” mentality.


Lifeforce hopes to raise public awareness that food should be healthy for people, and be produced without harm to animals. People will buy local if local is humane to wildlife. There are many nonlethal methods. Here is a list of some of the humane alternatives >


Our society must find ways to live in harmony with the wildlife who are rapidly losing their natural habitats. As humans continue to encroach upon their homes there must be new approaches to protect wildlife. Organic and other veggie farmers must implement nonlethal solutions and wildlife friendly organics.


I will not visit these cities if they kill the deer! Also I will shop only at guaranteed Deer Friendly Farms! No pesticides and deer blood on my organics! Keep it local! Keep it humane!




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Read more at Boycott BC Deer Kill


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