Free my brother and allow him to apply for DREAMER status as he is entitled by the law.

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My brother is entitled to apply for dreamer status but the USCIS refuses to free him to allow him to do so. He meets all the requisites but they would rather send him back to Mexico than hear our cries. Tell USCIS not to send my brother to a country he has never really known. Tell them to allow my brother to dream!

My parents brought my brother and I here at a very young age. America is home. Our English is much more polished than our Spanish, the 4th of July is our independence day, Mexico is where we came from but we belong here in the United States.

My brother had to drop out of high school to help my family with their financial hardships. With his help my parents were able to provide for the family and I was able to continue my education with a goal of one day being able to go to college and contribute back to the society which has afforded me so much. Unfortunately, during that time my brother wasn’t able to do the same. Our family needed him and he took it upon himself to make sure that we would everything we needed.

In 2012 when Obama Signed the Dream Act (DACA) I met all the requirements and now have the security to know that I wont be deported and can continue working towards my dream. My brother on the other hand didn’t have that luxury. He wasn’t in school and so was denied DACA status at the time. This year USCIS took him into custody and plans to deport him soon. But now my brother is eligible for DACA since he is in school yet they refuses to consider him.  My brother has the right to apply for DACA again and since he is currently enrolled in school he meets all the requirements yet they would rather ignore our pleas than give him the opportunity to stay in this country, with his family and create his own  version of the American dream.

If USCIS continues to deny my brother a chance to apply for DACA he will no doubt be sent back to Mexico. A country he no longer knows and that poses where he will be alone with no family or even friends. Over the years Mexico has become even more dangerous than when my parents and I left so many years ago. It scares me to think that he will be all alone there and in danger. Please tell USCIS to allow my brother to apply for dreamer status so that he too can have his American dream.

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