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These animals do not deserve to die because someone went against the law and had the heart to save their lives and not let them die in agony. These animals are living in outstanding environments, are vaccinated and are very well taken care of by qualified people. They do not deserve to die because they were given a second chance at life. No animal or person deserves that treatment.


Letter to
State Representative Margaret Ruhl
ODNR Scott Zody
ODNR Director James Zehringer
Please Issue Permits to Carol Deyo for her two deer and her four raccoons. They have helped so many children and adults see another side to wildlife. By allowing people to see and interact with these animals people that have, in the past, viewed these animals as vicious or pest obtain a better understanding for these animals and in turn treat them better. There are too many people in this world that harm animals in cruel ways because they view them as vicious creatures that will attack you and damage everything. Yes these animals can be destructive and attack under certain circumstances, but they are animals. People are the same way.

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