#SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds #TheWilds on #primevideo

#SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds #TheWilds on #primevideo

9 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Katie Witehira

Recently The Wilds Series was canceled on Prime video ��������

  1. Fanatics and lovers of the show, went out and banded together to start a huge #viral #trending rukus to get the show back and aired on either prime or Hulu or any other studio that might pick it up.

You'll see this trend all over Twitter, Instagram & maybe even Facebook.

  • #BringThemHome #SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds when you post or tweet anything, let the universe know you want it back.

ED3N Gaming on FB fully supports this campaign, previous petitions have reached around 30,000 signatures 

  • All though this is enough to stir the pot it's not enough to get this kicked in. 
  • Others have raised around 4k to help towards marketing and promotions,billboards and so forth but this is only enough to stir the water, be seen show prime and other studios that there is a huge lgbtqi fanbase out there.


What we actually need is ppl to go further than that.

In order for a show to get up and running We need at least $1M base to get the show actually funded!!! A TV Series funded by it's fanbase. That means we need fans to look for investors or high end movie funders. Wether it be local sponsors,other celebrities, film production companies, stakeholders, we need to find ppl to fully support and invest themselves into this show, we need to get the writers,the actors to also want this!!!

So we need to get these signatures above 1 million and if everyone donates $1 or more and continues to share this before the Summer filming time.. I think we can #SaveTheWilds

  1. ED3N is a #GamingContentCreator for #FacebookGaming & is fully in love with #eranajames #toni #TheWilds 
  2. ED3N has a huge gaming clan & followage globally across multiple streaming and social platform

How we are going to do this!!!

  1. Sign & Share this petition accross every platform, it dosnt matter where; Facebook,YouTube,Instagram,Kik, Twitter,Discord,Linktree,Fivvr,Trivia, Twitch,Facebook gaming,OnlyFans, Plenty of fish,Tinder it dies not matter, to your freinds your families,your cousins,your uncle's, your annoying siblings, your gaming group, your local buy swap sell lol everywhere, we need that reach out drastically!!! ensuring to type #SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds everytime you share it.
  2. You can add #'s like your fave character #toni #shoni #eranajames
  3. You can add #viral #trending to get it out further 
  4. Ensure that studios get the msg too like #Amazonprime #primevideo #hulu #stan #disney #netflix
  5. Be sure to donate so that they can see fanbase are willing to not only support,but fund the series to keep it alive.
  6. Go to Prime video and place a positive rating on the show and episodes
  7. Go to imbd.com to rate the show
  8. Post daily and regurly and watch the trends keep them high on Instagram and twitter mainly and try your best to flow over to Facebook aswell all meta sites have a bigger reach
  9. Don't be afraid to use out of pocket money to create ads on this petition for Facebook and Instagram to help get the reach out, the more ads this link is shared in,the better.create clips from the show,fanart and fanfic to go with the link.
  10. The priority is all the above plus raising $1M to actually lift the series off the ground for another season

I am Katie W, you can find ED3N gaming on all platforms and contact me there

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Signatures: 9Next goal: 10
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