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Slasher Radio is taking a stand with Zachary Nagy to help preserve his underwater statue of Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th"! Help get our voices heard as we fight alongside Zach to keep Jason firmly planted in the murky waters of Lake Pleasant in Arizona.

In May of this year, diving enthusiast Zachary Nagy recreated the iconic horror character Jason Voorhees in the form of a statue as a way to make for an interesting piece for the Arizona scuba diving community. Zach and fellow local divers built the statue from scratch with all environmentally friendly materials, not to mention, they ensured that Jason was at a depth as to not cause any safety issues for those above water. During an interview on Slasher Radio, he went into detail about how his statue and other objects in the lake actually aid in the reproduction of underwater wildlife as well as providing them with shelter. So much time and passion was put into this project and was founded on an idea of good intentions and harmless fun.

We're disappointed at the exaggerated claims and negative remarks from the officials involved with the statue's removal. Zach's work is being deemed as "trash" and/or "obnoxious material" by officials who are actively working to locate and discard the Jason statue. Not only does this decision affect Zach's recent creation but it will discourage any other similar ideas in the future. We won't let this issue go down quietly. We will be providing this #SaveJason petition progress and updates via our weekly podcast at www.SlasherRadio.com.

HELP US preserve this underwater horror passion project! Jason would do the same for all of us...let each of our vital voices be heard!

THANK YOU for standing with us, fellow horror fans!

Keep the fear alive!

-Slasher Radio Podcast Team