Help Save Home Studios In Music City (Including My Own)

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Did you know that Nashville TN calls itself Music City but doesn't allow home studios to record musicians? In fact, no one in Nashville can work from home if clients need to visit their house.

Home studios face harsh fines and court orders if anyone reports their existence to the Metro Codes Department. It happened to me and can happen to anyone working from home in Nashville.

My name is Lij Shaw and I am a single dad, music producer, and homeowner living in East Nashville. I have peacefully supported my family working from my home studio for 20 years with no complaints from my neighbors. In fact, I have recorded many of them during that time.

In 2015 my studio received its first Grammy award after the Best Roots Gospel Album Of The Year was mixed there. But a month later I had to cut the celebration short when another homeowner, angry about being denied a license for his own home business, decided to report every other home business he could find to Metro Codes including mine (watch the video starting at 25:10). Metro Codes then sent me a Cease And Desist letter ordering me to remove my recording equipment under threat of a warrant and court order.

Music City has a long history of songwriters writing and recording together in home studios. Tutors, teachers, artists, writers, and hairstylists also work from home without hurting anyone. These residents all support Nashville’s economy, and yet any of them can be shut down at a moment’s notice from Metro Codes. With Nashville's skyrocketing cost of living, residents need the flexibility and freedom to earn a living by working from home.

The Metro Council is debating whether to allow Nashville residents to legally work from home by having their clients come over. By joining this petition you will be helping to send the message that we support allowing residents to work from home by serving their clients inside the house. 

Please share this petition with your friends a family and include this hashtag #SaveHomeStudios

Thank you so much for your support! Let's keep music alive and well in Music City.
Lij Shaw

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