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In 1977, Charlottesville resident Mariann deTejada donated 137 acres on Garth Road - founding the Foxfield Races and preserving a green belt in the heart of Albemarle county.
In her will, Mrs. Tejeda gave direction and provided for the perpetuation of the Foxfield Races, for charitable and recreational purposes, education, and related activities on the property, for the enjoyment of the people of Albemarle County and their friends and visitors. Believing she had protected the Foxfield property in perpetuity, her will also instructed that upon her death, Mrs. Tejeda be buried on the race property.
Mrs. Tejeda’s will should be honored in perpetuity, and for almost 40 years, it seemed like the Foxfield Races would always be a part of our community. But, in 2016, neighbors and patrons learned that those entrusted with preserving Foxfield, according to Mrs. Tejeda's wishes, had disregarded and seemingly abandoned their responsibilities of ensuring Mrs. Tejeda’s specific wishes be honored. They devised a plan to sell and develop the racetrack property, putting an end to the races and other charitable activities. 
A group of local residents have an ongoing lawsuit trying to preserve the integrity of Mrs. Tejeda’s will and ensure her wishes are honored, so that everyone can enjoy the Foxfield Racetrack property as she instructed.
Foxfield is not only a beautiful open space, but a Charlottesville institution. Please HELP SAVE FOXFIELD by signing this petition and getting others to join in. Thank you for your support!