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Save Egg Island (Bahamas)! Stop Disney Cruise Line! Preserve Egg Island! #saveeggisland

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Disney is in the process of purchasing Egg Island , Bahamas to put in a cruise ship port. We must stop this and further development threats ! 

Egg Island is an Island that sits off the coast of North Eleuthera in the Bahamas, surrounded by other family islands that are a stones throw away. Egg Island's natural beauty has been enjoyed by generations and is of great ecological significance to not only the communities of North Eleuthera and Spanish Wells, but to the Bahamas has a whole. Egg Island boasts several ecosystems including mangroves, coral reefs, salt ponds, rocky shoreline and beach. Egg island is known for having a sustainable grouper spawning aggregation, of which there are few left in the Bahamas. The endangered sea turtles are well known to nest on egg island beach, endangered shore birds nest there and the juvenile conch are maturing in safety.

Egg island will be destroyed if Disney moves ahead and there will be more harm to the local economies than there will be good. We have seen this happen at Castaway Cay in Abaco, Bahamas. Dredging and the building of structures alone will devastate the area. The pollution from the cruise ship amounts to the same emissions as 17,000 cars put out at the same time. The waste/garbage generated by the 3000 plus visitors on the island will be a massive volume and the sewerage produced will be horrific.

As usual, plans are hush hush from Disney and the Government, but we know enough to know we must fight to stop this and we must act NOW! This is NOT in the best interest for North Eleuthera nor is another cruise ship port in the best interest of our country! Let the Bahamian Government and Disney hear our voices. 

We say NO to Disney and YES to Preserve Egg Island! 



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