Bring Big Brother UK Back To Life!

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As you may know, Big Brother UK will be getting axed from Channel 5 from Friday 14 September 2018 with the last ever show broadcasted on Monday 05 November 2018.

Millions of Big Brother viewers are shocked by this decision and are horrified that Channel 5 are axing a much loved show from the company which is very sad indeed.

Also, even Rylan and Emma were sad to see Big Brother UK leave as they loved the show that much, it's part of their family and much as well, it's apart of our family too!

We need to bring Big Brother back to life and if Channel 4 or Channel 5 won't have the show, then let ITV have it and let's make Big Brother better than ever before!

And of course, don't get rid of Rylan or Emma as their part of the Big Brother family!

Lets save Big Brother to ITV!!!

#BigBrother #BBUK #CBB @ITV

ITV Big Brother UK Twitter: @i5LiveUK

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