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Unfortunately, the Police Athletic League was not awarded an Out-of-School Time (OST) contract from the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) for the PAL William J. Duncan Center After School Program.

The PAL William J. Duncan Center has operated an after school and summer camp program for several years, giving hundreds of young people a place to go when school is out. PAL gives parents peace of mind, and the ability to maintain employment without having to choose between leaving their child unattended or in costly childcare. The PAL William J. Duncan Center After School Program is primarily OST funded and the loss of funding will mean a severe reduction or discontinuation of programming at this site.

The disinvestment the City is making in our children is deeply troubling. The most recently released OST award list contains just over 220 programs, a drastic reduction to the 420 programs that are currently in operation. This represents a cut of 25,000 OST slots, leaving these children without a place to grow and play afterschool and during the summer.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mayor Bloomberg

25,000 children will be left without a place to grow and play after school and during the summer if we do not act now.

Please Support PAL in continuing to serve the children and the families of NYC.

For almost 100 years, countless families have relied on PAL to provide their children with academic enrichment and recreation after school and during the summer. Teachers have relied on PAL to help their students get the support they need to succeed during school. Communities have relied on PAL to keep their young people safe, off the streets and out of trouble.

Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to serve your children.

Cordially yours,

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