Stop the Jetty Port For Mining Project of Mayor Leo John Farrales and the DENR

Stop the Jetty Port For Mining Project of Mayor Leo John Farrales and the DENR

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San Felipe Residents started this petition to Save Zambales

We, the people of San Felipe, Zambales are committed to protect our coastal waters which is a part of the West Philippine Sea, as well as our forest lands and shores from any destruction, incursion, anomalous projects, and all activities that would destroy the ecosystem that provides us livelihood, income, precious marine resources, clean water,  clean air, fishing grounds, tourism and majestic surfing waves.

Whereas, our coastal waters have been largely untouched, until an authorization from the Mayor of San Felipe, Leo John M. Farrales, allowed the construction of a Jetty port without legal basis, public hearings, consultations with the communities and environmental impact studies.

Whereas, the said construction of a Jetty port is an arbitrary decision of Mayor Leo John Farrales and is now implemented on the ground by questionable contractors whose legal papers could not be found in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The Mayor’s permit stated that all expenses covering the Creek Rehabilitation, Flood control and construction of a Jetty Port will be shouldered by contractors AGN Corporation and Mines Flowing Corporation, thus, without proper bidding and awarding processes.  

Whereas, Mayor Leo John Farrales refuses to hold a dialogue with the stakeholders and explain the rational of such projects. Further, he refuses to release legal basis and other documents or contracts covering such projects and refuses a full disclosure of the agreement that he has entered into with said contractors.  

Whereas, contractors AGN Corporation headed by Allan Nuqui and Mines Flowing Corporation led by Arturo Ong have no contracts, Memorandum of Agreement neither a Joint Venture Agreement that cover such project and neither have they complied with other legal procedures required by law.

Therefore, we, the citizens and taxpayers of San Felipe, Zambales are vehemently protesting the Creek Rehabilitation, Flood Control and Jetty Port Project awarded

(without bidding) to private contractors, AGN Corporation and Mines Flowing Corporation on the basis of:  

Negative Environmental Impacts

The ongoing dredging activities of AGN Corporation and Mines Flowing Corporation are causing negative impacts on our ecosystem and environment by redirecting the river resulting in destruction of our marine habitats and species. Further, a port in operation will cause negative impacts on water quality, coastal hydrology, marine and coastal ecology, air quality and waste management and cause noise and vibration and bottom contamination.

Negative Impact on the local economy

The beaches of San Felipe are recognized as a surfing destination in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism. Our lovely beaches, sunsets and the Lahar Top five waves are our town’s pride and a favorite destination of celebrities, surfing enthusiasts and marine sports lovers. A Jetty Port will extinguish our vibrant local economy fueled by tourism because port operations will disturb and cause unmanageable pollution of the coast and the marine ecosystem. Tourism and port operations could not logically happen in one area.

Violations of the rights of the Fisherfolks

A Jetty Port in a pristine fishing ground in San Felipe, Zambales will cause unnecessary pain and suffering for hundreds of fisherfolks and those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, as they will lose their main source of income. Port operations including ship traffic and discharge, cargo handling and storage, and land transport will destroy marine resources and fishing grounds due to spills and leakage of hazardous chemicals and fuels used by ships. Fishing will be extinguished virtually killing our fisherfolks and losing precious marine

resources that feed our town.

Violations of citizens rights to a clean environment as enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and other Environmental Laws

The planned Jetty port which will be used for blacksand mining will pollute and destroy our

ecosystem, negatively impact on our health as citizens of San Felipe town and infringe on our right to a clean environment.

We call on Mayor Farrales to recall the Mayor’s permit and the Baranggay clearance issued to AGN Trading and Mines Flowing Corporation and stop the construction of a Jetty port in the boundaries of San Narciso and San Felipe, Zambales.

We call on all public officials in Zambales to intensify the protection our forest

lands, foreshore lands, coastal waters and marine resources and completely ban

blacksand mining in the guise of flood control and creek rehabilitation and

respect all our environmental laws.

We will incessantly protect our environment against projects that do not respond to our development needs. We will fight for our Constitutional right to a healthy environment, as enshrined in Article II Section 16 of the 1987 Constitution which states that: the State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthy ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.” 

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