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The majority in the U.S. House of Representatives plans to cut $100 billion from the Federal budget, primarily focused on discretionary domestic spending affecting low income people.  

Specifically, the Appropriations Committee proposes to eliminate the YouthBuild program under the Department of Labor; and proposes to eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service programs, including AmeriCorps.

We ask that you TAKE ACTION TODAY and sign the online petition and add a personal message that explains to Congress how these cuts would hurt your communities.  Urge them to VOTE NO on a Continuing Resolution that eliminates funding for YouthBuild and for the Corporation for National and Community Service Programs, including AmeriCorps, and for many other important programs affecting low-income communities.

Starting on Monday, February 14, the U.S. House of Representatives will begin consideration of a Continuing Resolution that will fund the last 7 months of Fiscal Year 2011. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers has announced that the bill will immediately cut $100 billion from the President Obama’s proposed FY’11 budget. 

Even though we are already five months into the 2011 fiscal year, some programs might lose ALL of their regular 2011 funding.  This means some of our YouthBuild programs might have to close their doors.

As YouthBuild Alumni we know first-hand the positive impacts YouthBuild has had on our lives.  Providing us with the tools needed to empower ourselves, provide for our families, improve our communities, and take personal responsibility of our lives.  We also know the benefits of having an AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for that first year of college.  It is our responsibility to KEEP THE DOORS OPEN FOR EVERY YOUNG PERSON KNOCKING!  Act Now! Sign the online Petition TODAY!

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
We are writing you today with an urgent call to action. Over the course of the last 7 years or so, Ely and I have had an opportunity to meet many of you, and build strong ties and relationships. We also heard the stories of the wonderful things many of you are doing to create change in your community. For example;

• Paul Santos from YouthBuild Fall River led a grassroots effort to dig his community out of the snow when the local government lacked the resources to do so.
• Marcus Davis from Louisville, Kentucky is establishing a record label that will promote positive hip hop and show case socially conscious rappers. He will use profits from his company to better his community.
• Jamie Turner from Indianapolis, IN is heading a campaign along with her kids called Jeans for Teens that helps homeless youth in her community.
• Kareema Barr has relocated herself and her family to Gulfport, Mississippi to continue the effort to rebuild the communities that were devastated affected by Hurricane Katrina.

During the 8th Annual National Alumni Xchange everyone experienced meeting leaders from everywhere, obtained knowledge through workshops, and became part of the YouthBuild Family. We also remember everyone talking about social change, taking action, and wanting to be part of the YouthBuild Movement. If you attended an Alumni Regional gathering or any YouthBuild event you know the feeling. Well the YouthBuild Movement is calling it’s leaders. This is your chance to put your leadership to the test.

The time to act is now! YouthBuild along with several other government funded programs is in danger of being cut. People that you and I have elected are talking about cutting programs as being the way to save the economy.
• What will happen to all the young people in YouthBuild programs around the country and all those thousands hoping to get in?
• What will happen if all those programs that help people like you and I get into college?
• How will our people obtain the skills necessary to obtain a stable job and provide for our families?

We cannot allow the programs that helped our people be taken away. Take action for YouthBuild. Take action for your community. WE CHALLENGE YOU TO GET 10 PEOPLE TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION. If we act together we know that 1000 online signatures will be an ease. Together we ask that Congress Vote No on the Continuing Resolution and preserve funding for YouthBuild and other service programs.

In Service and In Solidarity

Frank Alvarez ’04 and Ely Flores ‘05
LA CAUSA YouthBuild Alumni

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