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Save Woodlawn Stables

The open land that is home to Woodlawn Stables and the historic Otis Mason house are an integral part of the culture of our community. Among the current traffic calming proposals is a plan favoring a detrimental bypass proposal that divides the Stables property and facilities, removes historically significant buildings, destroys existing pasture, barn and riding facilities – making it nearly impossible for the Stables to run in the manner it has for years as a riding school and boarding facility.This locally owned business has provided not only a stunning aesthetic to our area but has also created countless jobs, provided wholesome recreational activities to generations of children and adults, infused revenue into surrounding businesses and is the home to hundreds of animals - both domesticated and wild. The history of the land being used for equestrian use goes back over one hundred years.  Alexandria, Va and specifically the Mt. Vernon district is a proud harborer of history - and Woodlawn Stables has been part of that legacy for half a century.

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    Susan Hellman
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