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Save the Earth; End the Use of Plastic Bags

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Save a Life, Save a Dollar, Save the Earth; End the Use of Plastic Bags

     In the United States, 30 billion plastic bags and 10 billion paper grocery bags-requiring approximately 14 million trees and 12 million barrels of oil-are used each year. Just ONE reusable bag could save up to 1,000 plastic bags before it is completely worn out. Recycling the bags via specific recycling units is a great first step, however only 3% of plastic bags are properly recycled. San Francisco Environment Department spokesperson Mark Westlund stated that people would be more inclined to bring their own bags rather than to clean and dry their plastic bags and return them to the store for recycling.

     There is a very large economic downside to plastic bags as well. Many believe that by using the bags for waste they are being environmentally friendly, however by regularly disposing of plastic bags you are risking extreme damage to waste facilities' machinery. When plastic gets caught in the machinery, it backs up the entire waste process, risks the safety of the facility's employees, and costs large amounts of money to repair. Stores also suffer monetary loss due to plastic bag usage. According to The Wall Street Journal U.S retailers alone lose about $4 billion annually through the purchase of plastic bags as well as their free distribution.

     Approximately 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean each year, causing over 100,000 sea turtle and other marine animal deaths each year, because many bags inevitably end up in bodies of water and are mistaken as food/jelly fish. The plastic blocks the animals’ digestive systems causing  very slow and painful deaths. The same happens on land. Animals mistake the plastic for food or food wrappers and either ingest or entangle themselves in the plastic. The plastic bags then prevent them from flying, walking, hunting, and even digesting food; leading to an inevitable death.

     By signing this petition you are not banning plastic bag use, you are fighting to eliminate further distribution of plastic bags in large grocery stores. Save a life, save a dollar, save the Earth.


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