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Stop Oil Companies destroying of Wildlife and Nature.

The stink of tar, black and gray waste water lakes dominate the landscape.
The search for oil kills wild in areas of Alberta, Canada.

User harsh methods
In the province of Alberta are one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but to get the black gold industry uses very harsh methods.

The precious drops are either bound in the surface of the second or hiding as hard lumps deep underground.

So scratch the surface the industry and hence the plants of the countryside in search of oil sands. And to release oil from the sands, companies must spend large amounts of chemicals.

Dead birds
The oil industry, including the Norwegian oil company Statoil, have invested more than 1000 billion dollars in the region and it has left its mark.

Among others, there are many large water lakes that are cheerless close to the rich wildlife and the Athabasca River.

- When ducks or geese landing here, they are dying. Last year, landed a flock of 1,600 birds, and they died.

Indians with cancer
Oil extraction has also had major consequences for Indians in the area, which for millennia have lived fish in the water and animals in the forest.

The City of Fort Chipyean by just 1,200 inhabitants located on Athabasca River, which carries heavy metals such as mercury.

- All seem to get cancer. People are dying of it, too, young people, says one of the residents Bill Tuccaro.

Statoil drilling field south of Fort Mcmurray - in the middle of Alberta magnificent scenery. The oil here is so deep in the ground that Statoil can not simply peel surface and press it for oil. Instead, Statoil use another widespread - and extremely energy-intensive method.

Statoil bought the rights to oil extraction in 1100 square kilometers in Alberta. This is an area almost as large as Los Angeles.

Large CO2 pollution
Statoil plan is to drill down to layers with oil sands. Oil is down here is tough as a hockey-puck. To make the oil floating Statoil will pump huge quantities of 265 degrees hot water into the pipes. The oil around the pipes will now be hot and liquid - and the oil can then be sucked up to the surface and cleaned.

This method is called, said - and has been sharply criticized by experts and environmental organizations for its high level of CO2 emissions.

Statoil will this method emit about 10 times as much CO2 as in normal oil extraction in the North Sea.

Stop the Tar Sands--the most environmentally destructive project on the planet,


Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
It is with sadness and disbelief that I write you today regarding the continual development of tar sands and the devastating effect they are having on your land, your people, your wildlife. You most certainly are aware of the toxic effects tar sands cause the environment, emitting massive amounts of carbon dioxide, levels of which are proving detrimental to all life. Furthermore, the extraction of the oil, using powerful chemicals to procure it, is also directly correlated with increased rates of cancer in people: the chemicals contaminate the water, which is then lethal to wildlife and deadly to people. The entire chain of life is affected; not one living being, animal or plant, is immune to the toxicity of oil production. The corporation responsible for the oil production is Statoil Hydro Norway, and there are numerous other companies associated with Statoil and equally complicit in the destruction of your land, wildlife, and people.

I respectfully ask that you, as the leader of Canada once unspoiled by tainted industries based on greed and profit, use your position to initiate an immediate moratorium on oil production; it is imperative that the government secure resources to perform an expeditious environmental impact statement . This process must be completely free of bias and must take into account the many years of unchecked environmental damage.

I understand the financial implications of a moratorium; however, not performing an adequate study will produce an even greater cost to the health, to the environment, and to the integrity. The price of ignorance, greed, and arrogance will be borne by the children, forced to endure the unethical decisions of previous generations. Please act wisely, and with compassion and consideration, and proceed responsibly lest we leave an irreparable legacy to the children.

I know your time is limited, and I thank you for your attention and consideration.


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