Save Wild Indiana! Tell Governor Holcomb to Log Less in State Forests & Create Wild Areas

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Did you know that commercial logging has increased in Indiana’s public state forests by 400% since 2002? This explosion in logging means you have less scenic, wild land to enjoy, and that forest-dependent, endangered wildlife such as the cerulean warbler, Indiana bat, and pygmy shrew are losing their habitat.

In 2002, 40% of Indiana state forests were protected from logging; in 2016, less than 5% are protected! 

Instead of encouraging this destruction, Indiana's Governor Eric Holcomb, could establish 13 Wild Areas in seven of Indiana’s state forests – preserving them for hiking, primitive camping, backpacking, hunting, mountain biking and horseback riding opportunities available nowhere else in the state. These Wild Areas proposed by the Indiana Forest Alliance will protect 23% of the state forests from logging.

Watch this 6-minute video featuring 8 Hoosiers who have witnessed this logging: a hunter who’s seen the decline of deer and grouse, avid hikers whose favorite trails are devastated, and others.

Join the Indiana Forest Alliance in petitioning Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb to:

  • reduce the commercial logging of our state forests to annual levels below 3.5 million board level (down from the current level of 14 million board feet)
  • establish State Wild Areas, setting aside state forest tracts larger than 1,000 acres from logging or road building

Take these two actions to ensure wilderness recreation opportunities for all people, and preserve deep forest habitat for native species of flora and fauna.  All tax-paying Hoosiers own these lands: join the Indiana Forest Alliance’s campaign to make sure they do not disappear!