Save Whistler's Racket Club!

Save Whistler's Racket Club!

June 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Save theWRC

The very existence of Whistler's Racket Club (WRC) on Northlands Blvd. is under threat! The Beedie Development Group plans to redevelop the site into luxury townhouses and condos.

Whistler's mayor and council have not directed Beedie to rebuild the existing racket facility at the current location or to construct a new facility offsite as part of the Northlands Blvd redevelopment plan despite:

  • The long and successful legacy of tennis in Whistler.
  • The exponential growth and popularity of pickleball in the community
  • That 1,400 children begin and end their combo camp sports days at the club.
  • That many community groups and local businesses gather to meet, play, and celebrate their achievements at the club.
  • That the first round of public engagement saw a rallying community demanding an all season multi-use racket facility with a strong social component. It was adopted into the "Guiding Principles" for the development.

As a result, the concepts the Beedie Development Group and municipal staff have formally submitted to council for the proposed redevelopment DO NOT INCLUDE AN ALL SEASON RECREATION FACILITY. We must send a powerful message to our municipal leaders that the WRC is a valued recreation, social, and community asset WE WILL NOT GIVE UP.

In 1988, Whistler traded a huge amount of development rights for a multi-purpose recreation centre that would attract visitors year round and benefit residents.  That obligation is as important today as it was 34 years ago.

The first tennis court in Whistler was built over 100 years ago at the Rainbow Fishing Lodge, long before Whistler developed into a ski resort. During the 1970s and 80s the community had the vibrant, 5 court, Whistler Valley Tennis Club  on the shores of Nita Lake with 250 local members.  That much loved community club was swept away to develop the Nita Lake Lodge Hotel.  Deja Vu!

The WRC has operated at its current location for over 28 years.  Recently pickleball arrived and has made a large contribution to the club's vitality and lively atmosphere.  The WRC's new management has created a vibrant, social community space.  They opened the doors to children's outdoor sport camps, non-profit organizations, and local businesses.  These are just some of the many diverse groups that, in addition to tennis and pickleball players, regularly use the club.  WRC management reports that up to 40 percent of the community use the club.

The full time resident population has grown significantly and summer visitation is increasing exponentially.  Municipal forecasts are for more growth and visitation.  Whistler's parks, trails, and recreational facilities are stressed.  And the community has outgrown the current racket club facility.

An indoor/outdoor, multi-use racket club rounds out, weather-proofs, and diversifies recreational opportunities in Whistler for both residents and visitors.  We need to invest in this critical need for our community.  Sports and recreation is Whistler's brand and it's in our DNA!

Please sign, support, and share this petition to convince the Whistler mayor, council, municipal staff and the Beedie Development Group to secure the future of a multi-use, indoor/outdoor racket centre in Whistler.

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The petition has the support of  the Whistler Squash Club.

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Signatures: 2,708Next Goal: 5,000
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