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Though the burrowing owl is classified as threatened in the US, it is severely endangered in San Diego, CA. There are just 90 birds left, down from over 150,000 in 1921. Construction projects are taking over owls' habitats, forcing them to migrate, or face certain death.

The environment is bring threatened as well. Every ecosystem is maintained by complex and delicate relationships, and the loss of just one species can have huge consequences for an entire area. This is especially true for the burrowing owl, a key indicator species. Its numbers reflect the state of the entire ecosystem. That's why Save The Owls Project (STOP) is petitioning for stricter enforcement of construction laws: to protect our environment, our future, and our natural flora and fauna.

If you believe that stronger law enforcements for the protection of our at-risk species is the best thing we can do to protect their future, sign our pledge. We'll let you know how you, too can help protect America's natural beauty.

Letter to
California State Legislature
San Diego City Council and various SD construction companies
Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to inform you about the presence of burrowing owls in your immediate community and to urge you to take actions to protect this little bird and its home.

The burrowing owl was once as plentiful in San Diego, CA, as gulls, numbering over 150,000 in 1921. By 1980, its population dropped to 600. Today, that number is less than 90, and continues to decrease every year. The burrowing owl is considered a key indicator species, meaning that its numbers show the state of its entire ecosystem. Its steep decline could signal a dangerous imbalance in our environment, and furthermore, it performs vital tasks like pest control, resource cycling, and maintaining the stability of local ecosystems.

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The loss of the burrowing owl could seriously harm the environment, thereby jeopardizing our future on this planet. Please take the necessary steps to ensure its protection and continued survival.

[Your name here]

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