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Save Washington's Wolves!

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Now that states have been entrusted with wolf 'management' it should be non-lethal management. Relocation is the only just answer. Just because we can kill, does not mean we should.

The wolf hunts are causing a decrease in wolf DNA diversity. Killing adult wolves has created new problems with the surviving adolescent wolves......not fully taught, they are not sure what their food source should be.
Without question wolves, as apex predators, strengthen the herds by weaning out the injured, the sick, the weak, and the old.

Wolves are only responsible for LESS than 1% of all livestock losses. Greedy and lazy ranchers allow their cash cows to graze on public lands (for pennies) when this is wolf territory!!! They are creating conflicts. Trophy hunters do not want to share elk or other prey animals with wolves. Trophy hunters want a 'trophy' wolf.

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