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Petitioning Ald. Bob Fioretti and 25 others

Save Vital Prisoner Reentry Services in Illinois


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently announced his proposal to dismantle reentry programs across the State, including Safer Foundation’s Crossroads Adult Transition Center in Chicago.

This action would:
- Post a public safety threat to thousands of families in Illinois.
- Cost taxpayers more than if the programs were simply maintained at current funding levels.
- Hinder hundreds of ex-offenders from becoming productive members of society. 

Crossroads has been in operation since 1983 in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood, providing 750 men each year with access to services such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, basic skills, GED preparation, job preparedness training, parenting and family reunification. Today, 70 percent of participants are employed.

Programs like Crossroads are proven to be effective and critical to Illinois. Safer provides cost-effective reentry services that help reduce the criminal recidivism rate.

- The most recent study conducted by Loyola University found that the recidivism rate for former prisoners who go through Safer’s programs is 20%—a marked improvement over the 51% recidivism rate for the general Department of Corrections population not using Safer.

- In fiscal year 2011, Safer provided 4,200 job starts, saving the State more than $150 million—assuming the average stay in prison of one year at the cost of $38,268, according to figures from the respected Vera Institute of Justice in New York.

Please sign this petition to show legislators you care about protecting our community and use of taxpayer money.

We must save Crossroads and make sure that the services it provides continue to be a part of Safer’s proven programs. Join us in taking a stand for smarter policy, safer streets and a stronger economy.

Letter to
Ald. Bob Fioretti
State Representative Robert Rita
Governor Patrick Quinn
and 23 others
State Representative Anthony DeLuca
State Representative Camille Lilly
State Representative Frances Hurley
State Representative Dwight Kay
State Representative Thaddeus Jones
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Illinois State House
Illinois State Senate
State Representative Kathleen Willis
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State Representative Jim Sacia
State Senator Patricia Van Pelt
State Representative Arthur Turner
State Representative Elgie Sims
State Representative Gregory Harris
Illinois Governor
As an Illinois taxpayer and concerned resident, I am writing to urge you to keep funding for the Crossroads Adult Transition Center in the FY2013 state budget. I understand the difficult decision you have as you work to balance the state’s budget. However, I hope you will not jeopardize public safety or put the people of the State of Illinois at risk in an attempt to save tax dollars. Cutting reentry programs is not the answer – we must find the proper funding to ensure the safety of millions of Illinois families.

In fact, the state’s reentry programs are a more efficient and economical way to spend taxpayers’ money. These programs not only cost less than incarceration, they provide job training, life skills, and counseling that help men become law-abiding, tax-paying, revenue-generating spouses and parents who can support their families, improve their communities, and grow the tax rolls.

During the last fiscal year, Safer provided 4,200 job starts, saving the state more than $160 million -- assuming an average stay in prison of one year at the cost of $38,268, according to figures from the highly-respected Vera Institute of Justice in New York.

If Safer’s Crossroads ATC is cut, the more than 750 clients helped there each year will no longer receive the assistance of its proven programs. Clients served by Safer’s Crossroads ATC, for example, have a recidivism rate of only 30%, compared to 52% of the general prison population.

Safer wants to continue to be part of the state’s budget solution. Our reentry programs make communities safer and save taxpayers money. Therefore, your support of Crossroads ATC is respectfully requested. Please keep the funding for this important program in the FY2013 budget of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Thank you for your time and your service to our community.



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