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Save Us All From Nuclear War, Censure And Impeach Trumpler Now :)
On Disabled Greens News and Conversations:
Save Us All From Nuclear War, Censure And Impeach Trumpler Now :)

On Change . org: Act: Save Us From Nuclear War :)

No "upgrading the nuclear arsenal", as President Trump has promised;
No more threatening the world with nuclear war, as he has done.
"...We(e),...", are all downwind from nuclear war or accidents.
'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. A bird in the bush
is worth two in the hand, at least. 'A stitch in time saves nine'.


Raul Grijalva: "We must remove Trump from office" :)


A related twig of activism poetree :)


The United Suck Of Assassins Now = Weimer Republic Before Notsee Germany

Hands off S.S., Medicare and Medicaid. GOP eugenics:
Healthscare bills and 2018 budget, must be stopped.
You can't liquidate the asses and assets of the masses,
Mass-murder a million Americans, on my watch!!!
Dinos working with them against US must be primaried.


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Ideas for buttons for 'Grijalva For President' in 2020 :)

'Viva Grijalva', 'You're Fired'; and for bumperstickers :)

'Never Trump', 'Dump Trump', 'Trump, You're Fired'.

Copy, share as you will. Thanx for all you do and don't.

reality, james nordlund