Save #TheTyreSchool in Palestine!

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On June 1st Israeli authorities made the final decision to demolish the Palestinian village of Khan al Ahmar along with a school built for children. This means that any moment now the Israeli government, could destroy the homes of around 180 people who have lived there for over 60 years.

Please help us to save this school and homes by signing this petition.

The "Rubber Tyre School", named as it was built on tyres as Israel limited the possibility of creating masonry buildings in the area. It was started by an Italian NGO “Vento di Terra” with the help of others. It is a place that provides hope for a future of peace for children that live in the village and the surrounding areas. It has become a symbol of the right to education and the rights of people living under occupation.

As a painter and a traveler, my art is dedicated to social justice, women’s rights, children’s rights, and the rights of people in territories facing war and terrorism. I chose to start this petition and support this cause because I believe that every school, not matter what part part of the world it is in, should be a place of growth, a place of dialogue, and most importantly a place of peace.

Because of the occupation and limitations on travel, children in the village have no real alternative to education. This demolition would create a dangerous precedent and do serious damage to the local community, and it could lead to the deportation of people living there.

Every child on earth has the right to be educated, to have the means to develop their own potential, to learn about the world they live in and learn skills that will lay the foundations to give them  a better future.

It's not right. It is cruel and inhumane to make voiceless children  victims. I am angry because they are taking away the opportunity for these children to study, to learn, and to become better men and women.

Let’s not trample on innocent children’s right to life, freedom and education. The School is the only means they have to build a better future. Let's help them!

I'm with #TheTyreSchool. #SaveOurSchool.