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The William H. Mason House (c1845) is situated on Thompson Hill, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Connecticut (11/23/87). Built by mill owner William H. Mason, at the time Thompson's most powerful and wealthiest resident, the structure is matched by few others of its style in the state. Architecturally, the house is significant as one of Connecticut's best examples of the Gothic Revival style. Based upon a design published in Andrew Jackson Downing's book, "Cottage Residences" (1842), its wealth of Gothic-inspired features includes an elaborate porch with clustered columns, arched windows and porch braces, and heavily embellished bargeboards with pinnacles and drop pendants.
The owner has essentially abandoned the property for over seventeen years, allowing it to remain vacant and in increasing disrepair. It is our assertion that the property is headed toward a "demolition by neglect" situation that needs to be addressed. The best scenario would be for the owner to sell the property or restore it. Since he doesn't seem to be interested in doing either, we are asking the State of Connecticut's Historic Preservation Office to step in and save this historically significant property.
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Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office
We are asking you to step in and protect this historic property from it's current path of destruction. It's our assertion that it is very close to demolition by neglect - so this matter needs immediate attention. The property is located in a historic district so our complaint is based upon the Environmental Act: 82-367, which directs that the provisions of Sections 22a - 15 through 22a - 19, inclusive, of the Connecticut Environmental Protection Act, which permit legal recourse for the unreasonable destruction of the state's natural resources such as air, water, and soil, shall also be applicable to historic structures and landmarks. Structures and landmarks are defined as those properties that are listed or under consideration for listing as individual units on the National Register of Historic Places or which are a part of a district listed or under consideration for listing on said National Register and which have been determined by the State Historic Preservation Board to contribute to the historic significance of such district.

Please take action and save this beautiful house!

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