Save the Wild St. Croix River from Developer Exploitation!

Save the Wild St. Croix River from Developer Exploitation!

June 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Annette Rondano

The St. Croix Scenic Riverway is under attack. Once a shining example of pure clean water, pristine landscapes and blissfully quiet canoeing and slow-boating, this PROTECTED WATERWAY has become the next developer-ridden multi-unit housing destination. 

Millions of dollars will change hands as we witness the ultimate demise of one of our cleanest water resource if we don't act NOW.

The St. Croix River was historically protected by Senators Walter Mondale, Gaylord Nelson, and the Northern States Power, Co. by the National Rivers Act in 1968. (See history below)

Developers are over-running small historic communities like Stillwater, MN and now St. Croix Falls, WI by forcing town councils to change ZONING LAWS and ORDINANCES that are specifically designed to protect the St. Croix River from over-development. They have done this by creating a loophole called a PUD - Planned Use Development - in the City Council process.

A PUD overrides ordinances and public interest statutes that protect wetlands, wildlife preserves, waterways, community spaces and even downtown historic districts.

St. Croix Falls, WI, just across the river from Taylor's Falls, is the scene of the next crime wave. Now that Stillwater has been over-run with investor-owned condominiums, the developers that made their fortune by ruining that beautiful small town have turned their sights to tiny St. Croix Falls.

Developers have chosen a small slip of land that lies within the southern-most flood plain of the pristine St. Croix River, just above the Excel Energy Taylors/St. Croix Falls. This 5 acre neighborhood pocket park has been lovingly maintained by the people who live there (not the City) to protect the integrity of the flood plain, as well as the wetlands and its plant life and animal habitat.

GREEN HALO DEVELOPMENT CORP is anything BUT "green" since targeting protected wetlands and community green space, tearing down hundreds of trees and destroying habitat can in no way be considered "green". These "net zero" units will be sold as luxury second-homes. Here's more information about them:

STOP THE TREND: Once a PUD is voted into law, the NEW zoning law allows developers to forge ahead and purchase more and more land and properties, turning charming small towns into FOR PROFIT investor centers, forever changing our small river communities, and decimating the protected lands, rivers and wetlands they nestle in.

Your signature on this petition will send the message to small town residents along the St. Croix River that you care about the river, the towns and the protection of one of the only clean rivers left in the United States. Your voice adds weight to our struggle to preserve the national treasure that Mondale and Nelson lovingly set aside so very long ago.

Mayors and City Councils along the St. Croix need to hear from YOU. If you have ever canoed the St. Croix River, please give the river your vote. Then, pay attention to your own town... is YOUR City Council adopting PUD's that disrupt your community's attempts to protect land set aside for future generations? See what you can do to eliminate your city's ability to create PUD's and protect the future for those who are yet to come.

Once this river has been sold to developers, it will never be returned to the pristine state we experience today. Thank you for your vote! We will take these votes to the St. Croix City Council, who will be voting to rezone our town and sell it off parcel by parcel on JUNE 13TH, 2022.

*History: The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System was created by Congress in 1968 (Public Law 90-542; 16 U.S.C. 1271 et seq.) to preserve certain rivers with outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational values in a free-flowing condition for the enjoyment of present and future generations. The Act is notable for safeguarding the special character of these rivers, while also recognizing the potential for their appropriate use and development. It encourages river management that crosses political boundaries and promotes public participation in developing goals for river protection. Read more here:

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Signatures: 1,211Next Goal: 1,500
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