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Ever since the 2006 brawl incident occured,the Festival has declined in sales and attendance because of the 8pm closing time. Because of this,vendors lost money,which causes the Festival to lose money,which then they lose sponsors and in turn they lose the Festival. We have lost the Festival this year,we must sign this petition to prevent future cancellations of this great New Bedford summer tradition. BRING THE WHALING CITY FESTIVAL BACK! 

Letter to
Mayor Jon Mitchell
Chief Of Police David A. Provencher
This event is way too essential for it to be shut down for good. We need this Festival! We need to extend the time for bigger music acts and the laser show. People have complained the Festival has now been reduced to a glorified flea market. Please change the closing hours so we can make the Festival a shining beacon in our city once again. By shutting down the Festival,we will lose tourism and money and our city will not grow into the great city it once was! Please,find a way to save the Whaling City Festival,this city needs it.

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