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The barbarian tradition to kill lots of pilot whales in Faeroe Islands has begun early this year with the bloody slaughter of 60 defenceless pilot whales. In a world where civilized nations come to the rescue of stranded whales, the one place on the planet that demonstrates no mercy is this group of islands situated between Scotland and Iceland.


The whales are pulled ashore with a blunt hook lodged in their blowholes. Once beached and defenceless these whales are killed by having their spinal cords and major blood vessels cut. It can take up to three and a half minutes for a whale to EVENTUALLY die.


Letter to
The Ministry of Fisheries Faroe Island The Ministry of Fisheries and Natural Resources Faroe Island
Dear Sir/Madame,

It is deplorable that the highly sophisticated society of the Faroe Islands allows this inherent cruelty- a meaningless killing of defenceless pilot whales to continue in the quest to obtain cheap food and continue a tradition that belongs in the history books. It is time to celebrate the contribution pilot whales made to the survival of the Faroese people in the harsh times of centuries past by CONSIGNING the hunt to the HISTORY BOOKS.

“Faroese medical experts lead the world in studying the impacts of pollutants on consumers and yet the Faroese Government continues to actively ignore the threat to its own people from consuming pilot whale meat and blubber”.

Human progress is defined by change?

I am asking that you provide immediate relief on behalf of our animal friends: Please act swiftly and responsibly by enacting an immediate moratorium on these savage hunts. Please provide your obligatory duty and responsibility by protecting these animals; your additional ethical gesture of compassion would serve as an international model of empathy.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.