The Vaquita Porpoises need our help!!!

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The Vaqiuta porpoise has hit an all time low in population numbers, because of gill net fishing, poaching, and pollution there are now about 30 of these unique dolphins left in the wild. The Vaquita is one of the many other sea animals that are the victims of by catch which means a non target animal species get caught in fishing nets. The Vaquita is also one of the smallest species of porpoise to ever exist and it would be a shame if they went extinct. The saddest part about this is that there isn't a lot of research on these porpoises that's known to science because they are in such low numbers. Fortunately, scientists do know what's causing vaquitas to go extinct. The main culprit is gillnets, a type of net used by fishermen in the area. When fishermen release gillnets into the ocean, vaquitas will become entangled in them and drown. The goal of this petition is to help save the few remaining Porpoises that are still left and hopefully rush a captive breeding program for the porpoises and also help place a permanent ban on the gillnets that massacre these poor animals.

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